Thursday, February 7, 2008

St Lucia & The Pitons

Todays cruise port would be the city of Castries on the island of St Lucia.

It was another beautiful day in the islands as I went out on deck first thing in the morning. Our ship was the only one in town, or so I thought until I looked out to sea and there was the Queen Mary 2 again. They must be stalking us! They were anchored just outside of the port. Maybe they were too big to dock in the port.

The days excursion was to be a catamaran trip out to the Pitons. The Pitons are twin volcanic peaks that were formed millions of years ago and rise to over 2000 ft. Once on board the catamaran we staked out a nice spot for our towels and enjoyed the smooth seas and the nice scenery. Rum punch was included in the price of admission but the beer was extra!

Once there we stopped for a Kodak moment. Out came everybody's cameras. Then it was time to turn back to base.

On the way back we stopped at a small beach for a short swim. We were quickly surrounded by the locals in their kayaks trying to sell their wares. Shells, trinkets and other assorted stuff.

After the swim we cruised in to tiny Marigot bay. Looked like a great place to vacation for a few days. Then it was back to the ship and soon we headed out to sea again.

As we sailed out of Castries, we passed right by the airport. I could see an ATR and some other assorted smaller planes. Must be some great flying down in these islands!
That runway doesn't look too long! That's our ships shadow on the shoreline.

Back to the buffet now!!

Next stop....Antigua

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mlesser said...

I had a friend who flew Cessna 402's i thin (possibly 421's) around the carribean.. he loved it!

Looks like an interesting place. I would do anything to escape Sydney weather at the moment.

Enjoy your holiday.