Saturday, February 9, 2008

Antigua & St Johns

Thanks to everyone for continuing to endure my vacation stories. I'm trying to keep them short and full of photos.Another overnight sail and we would awaken in the town of St Johns, the capital city of Antigua. The Queen Mary was nowhere to be seen today but these guys were now next to us at the dock. The "Norwegian Gem". That's quite a paint job!

St Johns was more like the cruise ship port you would expect in the Caribbean. It was loaded with many colorful shops, plenty of bars and restaurants, and lots of locals trying to get your attention and sell you their stuff whether it be handmade crafts, t-shirts, jewelry, home remedies etc, you name it.
Another excursion was on our afternoon schedule this day. It was a
pirate cruise on the Black Swan pirate ship. In this case "pirate cruise" meant "booze cruise". We sailed out of St Johns for about an hour over to a nice bay with a small beach where we were allowed to go explore and swim for awhile.

The drinks were included on this excursion and before we even reached the beach, several folks were already showing the effects of the very strong rum punch that was flowing freely. The operators wouldn't let us swim to the beach so we had to be tendered because of the rough waters.

Soon it was time to return to the cruise ship. The waves were pretty big by now and the little pirate ship was all over the place but nobody seemed to care. There was even some dancing going on! (Or at least it resembled dancing) That rum punch made the return ride a very smooth sail for most everyone on board. Nobody fell overboard.....I think.

So back on the Crown Princess and time to clean up for the buffet.

We sailed at 6 PM.....Next stop......Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

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ProPilots said...

Ah yes the Booze Cruise. I'm so envious. The last booze cruise I enjoyed was in Cabo San Lucas circa 2002 puttering around lands end and lovers beach. Good times!

Thanks for sharing your vacation stories and pics. Sure looks like a nice get a way.