Friday, December 21, 2007

Adios Mexico

Today would be day two of a two day trip. It's always a good thing to know that you'll end up the day at home instead of at another hotel. The hotel in Mexico City has a rather ominous warning right outside the elevator doors. Better hope there's no earthquakes!!

The smog was extra heavy in Mexico City. You could hardly see the end of the runway. There was also a distinct aroma in the air around the airport. Kind of like a backed up sewer.....Yuk. A full flight once again. We were carrying a bunch of kids today also. Must have been at least 30. Several of them poked their heads in the cockpit for a look at all the lights and stuff. Most kids enjoy coming in but occasionally a kid will get scared and run right out.

Taxi out was behind a Click Airlines Fokker 100. Click is a Mexican discount air carrier. Takeoff was on runway 5R again and about 20 minutes later we were cruising at 33,000 ft heading toward Tampico and then northbound up the coast to Texas.

Before long we were back in US airspace and getting ready for the descent. The arrival today was from the southwest and we got a good look at downtown Ft Worth from 11,000 ft.

DFW was reporting a perfect day...clear and 70 degrees with no wind. We landed on runway 36L, taxied on in, cleared customs, rode the train over to terminal C and set up for a leg over to Memphis and back.

Memphis air traffic was a little busy due to semi-low ceilings. We had to fly an instrument approach down to an 800 ft ceiling. Not a big deal though. One hour and a half later found us westbound again and looking at the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex at night from 100 miles out. A smooth landing by the FO and the trip was over.

Only one day off now before the next one.

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