Thursday, December 27, 2007

No Cookies Tonight

So back to work after a short three day break. This trip was to be a relatively easy three day trip. Day one was only one leg from DFW to Newark, New Jersey.

It was Christmas night so you'd think the loads would be light, but the flight was completely full. I was teamed up with one of our female type First Officers. There are well over 400 female pilots at our airline. She is married to a Southwest Airlines pilot. You might think that they'd have plenty of airline business to talk about at home but she said that they rarely discuss airline pilot stuff at home. They must get enough of that at work.

I offered her the first leg and she gladly accepted. We launched right at sunset, climbed straight up to 33,000 ft, three hours in cruise passing over the cities of Little Rock, Indianapolis, Cleveland and then the descent into a clear Newark. The approach took us up to the north over Teterboro and then a turn to the south for a landing on runway 22L. On final approach I had a nice look at the Empire State Building in Manhattan. The top was lit up in Christmas colors of red & green.

She made a nice landing and we pulled in to the gate for an on time arrival....a rarity for any flight arriving at Newark.

For years our short layover hotel in Newark has been the Doubletree right near the airport. I was looking forward to it since they always give each guest a huge chocolate chip cookie when you check in. They are REALLY good. I was disappointed to find out that we had recently changed hotels and would be at a different one tonight.

I asked one of our flight attendants where we were staying and she just said "at the airport hotel".
I said "I know that but what's it called?".
"Airport hotel", she said again.
Sensing her irritation I said "Okay" and shut up. I'd find out soon enough what it was called.....

Turns out she was right! We were now staying at the Newark Airport Hotel....I guess they couldn't come up with a more original name! In reality, it was the old Doubletree with a new name. No cookies either.

Oh well, at least it was an easy day.

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ProPilots said...

Len, I too am a fan of the DT cookie. Sorry to hear about the change of ownership. They should know better than to get rid of the cookies. What else do we have to look forward too?

Len (Barfbag) said...

To add insult to injury, we didn't even get a newspaper at our door in the morning!!! I had to break down and buy one....Jeez

ProPilots said...

Holly cow Barfbag I've never heard of such a thing. It is bad enough when it isn't right infront of the door and you have to actually leave the room and walk maybe to the elevator area where a USAToday may be on a table. Next on the unaccecptable list whould be to actually have to go down to the lobby. Now that usually requires putting on more than a robe and slippers and is too much at times. I don't think I've actually broken down and bought my own paper. I hope there were some good comics in it!

I'm in BUR for the New Years. Happy flying.