Friday, December 28, 2007

Pour Me a Budweiser

It was day two of this three day trip. I was up early and went outside to catch the "Newark Airport Hotel" shuttle. As soon as I stepped outside I could smell the familiar aroma of hops and barley coming from the Anheuser Busch brewery right across the freeway from the airport. I once flew for this company before hiring on with this airline.....they brew some very tasty beer.

I can remember one time when the company was looking to purchase a new airplane....we all went to test fly it. It was a Mitsubishi Diamond Jet which later became a BeechJet. Anyhow, the sellers inadvertently catered the jet with Miller Beer. Big mistake!! They lost the sale before we even flew it. But I did enjoy the test was a nice jet.

Today was only two legs. Newark to DFW and then on to Nashville, Tennessee. Newark is notorious for ground delays and today was no exception. It is a major hub for Continental Airlines. We pushed back on time and taxied out only to have to get in a huge line for takeoff. It was mostly Continental jets. We were number 20 or so. 45 minutes after pushback, we were finally airborne and climbing up to flight level 320. Smooth skies and in 3.5 hours we were flying an ILS (instrument landing system) approach to runway 35L at DFW with a 300 ft ceiling and gusty northwesterly winds. I managed an acceptable landing...we then taxied a few miles to the west side over to terminal D, packed up our gear and then walked over to terminal A where our next jet awaited.

A full flight over to Nashville then a drive to downtown where our layover hotel is located. The hotel is right next to the old Ryman Auditorium, former home of the Grand Ole Opry. The streets downtown were very busy....the Nashville Predators hockey team was playing at the Gaylord Entertainment Center which is also near our hotel and the scalpers were out in droves. I grabbed a sandwich and called it a day. Tomorrow would be an extra early sign-in again.

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ProPilots said...


This post makes me thirsty.

Otto said...

hey capt,
Just stumbled upon your blog and love it! Keep the posting and the pics the Maddog!

Len (Barfbag) said...


I like both your blogs and thanks for the kind comments about mine. Fly safe!!