Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Florida Shuttle

It was the morning after the Dallas Cowboys loss to the New York Giants in the NFL playoffs. Our baggage handlers can at times be a little harsh with their notes and comments that they leave on the baggage carts. Today was no exception as you can see from their work on a couple of different carts. Keep in mind that these carts are at DFW....home of the Cowboys.

Todays flying would be concentrated between Texas and Florida. DFW to Orlando, back to DFW and then West Palm Beach. Orlando is the home of Disney World and we always carry a bunch of families with excited kids in tow. The ground handlers probably see more strollers than any other station in the system.

The FAA names all the airways, arrivals, departures, intersections, and everything else related to the airway system in this country.The arrival we flew today was the Piglt arrival. Most of the arrival intersections are named for Disney characters. You can see the references to the Lion King and Aladdin characters on the route page. Even the stuffy FAA has a sense of humor sometimes.
The weather was great in Florida today and we had a nice view of downtown Orlando.

We also had a good look at Orlando Executive airport on our departure back to DFW. A quick pass through DFW with a change of planes and off to Palm Beach for the night.

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Teller said...

Wouldn't it be great to get to Florida this time of year! Then again, I'm guessing your weather in Dallas isn't too bad this time of year. That arrival looks a lot like what they have for the GPS 16 into Portsmouth/Pease, NH. The IAF is ITAWT, then ITAWA, PUDYE, and TTATT. And the missed approach fix? IDEED.

Len (Barfbag) said...


I had a nice layover in PBI. The Wx was great. Nashville has some interesting arrivals and approaches too. The FAA got a little creative!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Luckily stumbled upon. Really enjoy it! Take care out there "on the line."