Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Big Apple

Just a two day trip today but day one was a long one. 5 legs. We rarely have to fly this many legs in one day but this trip was all that I could fit into my schedule for this week. The trip sequence was to be from DFW to Houston, back to DFW, then to Oklahoma City, back to DFW, and then to New York. Almost 8 hours of flying.

The first turn down to Houston (IAH) went just fine. But no trip to Houston Intercontinental is complete without having to wait in line for takeoff behind a bunch of Continental Airlines flights. Houston is their home base just like DFW is home to American Airlines.

The turn up to OKC also went well.
These short legs of under 45 minutes flying time are very busy in the cockpit. By the time we've leveled off at cruising altitude, it's time to start downhill again. The pilot that's not flying is busy getting weather information, landing runways, approach and landing speeds etc, and working the radios as well. Not much time for sightseeing.

On the other hand, these guys on AA flight #123 headed for Honolulu had about 8 hours in-flight. Plenty of time for sightseeing and reading their "flight manuals".

Coming back from OKC to DFW we had a short wait for this Air Force T-37 trainer to land. The T-37 is a Cessna two seat jet that the Air Force has been using as a trainer since the 1950's. I believe this one was based out of Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma.

OKC is home of the FAA. So every time we go in and out of there, chances are good that we'll have an FAA inspector on board with us giving us a line check. Luckily today we had an empty jump seat.

We had a nice view of the Air Force ramp with a bunch of Boeing KC-135 tankers parked and looking ready for duty.

Back through DFW, a quick change of planes and then off to New York. The 90 knot tailwinds helped us get back on schedule and clear skies all the way to New York were most welcome after a long day in the cockpit.

The arrival routing into the New York terminal area tonight was one of my favorites. New York ATC had us fly visually over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and then fly up the Hudson River just past Central Park. This took us directly over the Statue of Liberty with a great night view of Newark on the left and Manhattan on the right. Then a right turn in for a visual approach to runway 22 at LGA. A good landing, an open gate, a short ride to the hotel and then the LSU-OSU game on TV and the day was done.

The photo is of a "Big Apple". >>>>>>>>>

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Otto said...

nice to see the tweet and kc135e picks! The E model 135s are very rare now days and are pretty much all gone outta the fleet. We have a few up here with the guard unit and its a delight to see the smoke trails and noise they make flying overhead.