Friday, February 20, 2009

I Need Some Earplugs

To continue the story, I finally made it to bed in San Juan at 3:30 AM after an interesting evening in Miami with some fuel issues.

At first I thought I was dreaming, but I was slowly roused from my deep sleep
by the sound of a multitude of roosters crowing!

I had stayed at this hotel on previous trips but I was always in a different wing. This time I was on the noisy side. I got up and looked out my window and this is what I saw.

That's right... "Cockfights".... My room was overlooking the Cockfight Club of Puerto Rico! And judging by the noise coming from inside, all the contestants were up and about and ready for their breakfast.I wonder what the place sounds like when there's a fight going on? It's interesting that something like this would never be allowed in the States and you'd be arrested for participating, but in Puerto Rico this is just like any old sporting event.

It was several hours until our next leg and since I was up already I took a walk out to nearby Carolina Beach. At the entrance to the beach I came across this seemingly ferocious little mutt.
He was tied up to a beach chair and apparently all alone. He acted fearless and he must have thought that he was standing guard as he was barking at the top of his lungs!

Next stop would be Miami and then on to Aruba. We arrived to Aruba very late...I hit the sack well after midnight again. The hotel was very nice and located right on Palm Beach.

But once again I was awakened by some unusual noises. It sounded like a bunch of birds squawking. I looked out my window but saw nothing. So I got up and went outside to investigate and then look for some breakfast.This is what I found downstairs by the pool. A bunch of birdcages with exotic birds in them!

All of them were quite vocal!

After breakfast and a workout it was time for a visit to the pool before heading back to the airport.But what's this? Who is that on the rocks?
Well, at least these guys were quiet.

For a look at some more of my photos, please aviate over to Plane & Simple.


High Flyer said...

Looks like working for the airlines is like a lifetime membership to every zoo in the world! Great pictures

Len (Barfbag) said...

Yup...It has it's benefits!

mlesser said...

Hi len,

Yeh sealed is paved. Most of what i land on is dirt and requires me cleaning the underbelly after each flight.

I wouldnt mind visiting that part of the world one day! Are you mainly flying the 757 or 767? Also does American still fly the 762? Do you fly them at all.

Cheers, Mike

Len (Barfbag) said...

Hi Mike,
I thought that's what sealed meant but I wasn't quite sure.

I've been flying mostly 757's lately in the Caribbean. Occasionally I'll get on a 767-300.

Yes we still have some 200's. They are used almost exclusively on the transcontinental flights between New York and LA and San Francisco. So I never get to fly them at all since I'm based in Dallas.

Fly safe,