Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Are These Things Called "Doubles"?

Flying in the Caribbean is always enjoyable. The weather is almost always VFR, the beaches are nice, the people are friendly, and the food is good.

This last couple of months I have been making numerous trips to the city of Port-of-Spain on the island of Trinidad.

One time we even carried the Prime Minister of Trinidad on board.

Unfortunately sometimes we have to carry passengers on their final flight to their resting spot. It's a little sad to see a coffin being unloaded from the belly. This person was being flown to Trinidad for their burial.

When I first started going there, I would always hear from fellow employees that had been there saying, "did you have some doubles?" or, "make sure you try some doubles!"

So it became my mission to find out what these "doubles" were all about.

I asked around and was led to the "doubles lady". She has her own little stand at the POS airport just outside the baggage claim area.

She has now educated me on the basics of "doubles". I didn't get her name but she was kind enough to pose for a few shots in between customers.

So what are "doubles" anyhow?

They are small sandwiches made with two pieces of flat bread. Inside you will find curried garbanzo beans or chick peas. The filling is topped with any variety of sauces...some sweet and some very hot. They are supposedly the most popular street food in Trinidad & Tobago. She said that they are mostly eaten at breakfast but are still available throughout the day.

There are vendors all over the place in the islands. She works every single day from dawn till dusk. Business is very good she reported.

They must be eaten quickly as evidenced by what happens to the bag after only ten minutes. It's not grease, it's just the sauce that is a little messy.

They sure are good and at $2 for three of them it's a pilots dream come true!
So now every time I go there I must go see her for my fill of "doubles". I highly recommend them. Preflight is complete and our 767 is full of customers and a crew of 12. The two guys in the cockpit are full of "doubles" and ready for pushback. So back to Miami we go.
We get a nice look at the island as we launch to the east. In 3 1/2 hours we'll be there and probably will be hungry again!

For a look at some more of my photos, please aviate over to Plane & Simple.


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