Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to my site "Views From The Left Seat".

As you may have guessed, I am a pilot. I work for one of the larger air carriers in this country. I have worked there for well over 20 years. I am currently a captain on the MD-80 or Super 80 as many people call it. (We pilots have a few different names for it...more about that later) My routes take me all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada. A typical work week will have me away from my home base of Dallas/Ft Worth for a three day trip followed by a three or four day break. Many trips are only two days and occasionally there will be a trip we call a turnaround or "turn" which consists of a single day trip with a flight to a given city and return all on the same day. And then there is the rare four day trip which I try to avoid at all costs....My suitcase isn't big enough to carry four days worth of clothes, a laptop computer, camera, flight gear etc...

As you read along, I will describe the goings on of the airline world as viewed from my perspective in the front end of the airplane. You will get to see many photos and videos of all the cities, landscapes, airplanes, airports, and any other interesting things I can upload onto the site.

I'm sure many of you have wondered what exactly is going on in the cockpit as you are droning along at 35,000 ft wishing that you were there already. Many of you also may have an interest in the airline life in general and what exactly goes on behind the scenes when you arrive at the airport for your flight. Keep on visiting my site and you'll get a firsthand description and look at what it's really like to pilot a big jet and live the airline life as maybe you never knew before.

Thanks again for visiting


Deb said...

I can't wait to hear more about your travels!

Teller said...

I just stumbled upon your blog goes the rest of my weekend getting up to speed on life in the Mad Dog!

Azhad said...

Nice Blog! I hope to look through most of it.

Having a sad time in a career I don't like. Always wanted to be a pilot and wondering whether there is any chance for a 30-year old in South Asia to learn to be a pilot.